New Debt Coach appointment

The Debt Centre team is growing.
We now have a new Debt Coach joining the team in order to meet the demand.

Suzie Shearsby is set to begin the training process that will mean she can see new clients in September 2020.
Suzie has been a long-term supporter of CAP and has regularly volunteered to support Jono Peatman, our Debt Centre manager.
Suzie said: "I feel God has given me a passion for reaching out to the lost in my community, offering hope and sharing the love of Jesus in a practical way."
Steven Hewitt, on behalf of the LMDCDC Trustees, said: "On one hand, we don't want to see situations where people are getting into debt. But on the other hand, if those situations exist, then we want to be able to help them.
"Suzie's appointment means we we can meet more clients and help more people, households and families to face up to, and deal with, their debt situations."
If you would like to be involved with the CAP Debt Centre, either as a volunteer or to give financially, please get in touch or check out our donations page.